Chef’s specialties

Served w/ steam rice (add $1.50 for pork fried rice)

*General Tso’s Chicken                                       12.50

(Chunks of chicken fried crispy, then cooked with our unique sauce)

Happy Family                                                       14.50

(Combination of chicken, beef, shrimp sautéed with assorted vegetable in special sauce)

*Shrimp & chicken Hunan style                        14.25

(Shrimp and tender chicken marinated then sautéed with assorted vegetable with hot sauce)

*Kung Pao Seafood                                             15.25

(Shrimp & scallop and vegetables sautéed with hot sauce )

*Four Treasure with Garlic Sauce                      14.95

(Beef, shrimp & chicken sautéed with vegetables in garlic sauce)

♠ indicates Medium Spicy. Can be adjusted to your taste.